I'm Sorry, Are We Not Having Contact?

I'm sitting in my hotel room, overlooking the Cardinals game. I just consumed a chicken quesadilla and a piece of peanut butter pie, complete with a Coca-Cola. You could say it was a comfort meal. I need some comfort.

Before I left for St. Louis, I specifically asked SCL about communication while I was away since we're trying to be more honest and open, as well as take things more slowly. He said, "We can talk on the computer." I took this to mean e-mail, Gchat, or Facebook chat. Perhaps I should've been more specific. It's now been approximately 60 hours since I left DC, and I have not heard a single peep from SCL. And I'm kind of irritated.

I'm imagining what I will do if he doesn't contact me at all before I arrive home tomorrow evening. I imagine I will be fucking furious. What about him showing me that he's for real this time? I appreciate the distance, but a simple "Hi, hope you're doing well" would have been nice. Or, you know, "did you make it there alive?" kind of thing would have also been acceptable.

I'm tired--tired of being the one to be communicative all the time. What makes him think that what I need to feel secure about his commitment (something I told him I would need him to show me) is silence on his end? Again, I'm not saying we needed to chat on the phone for hours and hours, but just a "I'm thinking about you" note or logging onto Gchat for five minutes would have made all the difference.

Do I really need to spell things out this clearly? Why wouldn't it occur to him that I need to hear from him at some point during the past three days? Oh, wouldn't you know, he just signed onto Gchat. Of course. Let's see if he says something.


  1. Oh no. That doesn't sound good...let us know how the gchat goes.

  2. Yikes. But you never know. Guys are kind of dumb about stuff like that.

    Man, and that was me enabling him. Never mind!

  3. Ohhhhh I hope the gchat went well. This must be hard. Keep us updated. ((HUGS))

  4. ooohhh men! I am with the others hope the gchat goes well! And DO NOT initiate woman! =D

  5. Maybe he's unsure of the boundaries still. Sometimes I find that I have to be very specific with my husband when telling him something because he doesn't understand hints whatsoever.