Guess where I am. Just guess. Another fucking airport! O'Hare. This is getting ridiculous, this whole work thing. I suppose this is the downside of being good at setting up speaking engagements. I actually have to go do them!

So, the creep from okcupid kept texting/calling, etc. and so I finally texted back the following: "Hi, I do not mean to ignore your messages, but I don't want to lead you on. My partner and I had broken up but we are trying to work things out. Take care."

And he just unfriended me on facebook! I find this absolutely hilarious, probably in part because I've been up since 5:00 am and could fall over with exhaustion. Oh, J. You weird one. I hope you find another girl! Sorry to be such a heart-breaker.


  1. Facebook defriending... gotta' love it! Sorry about the airport lady, you're a busy one!!

  2. Oh man. Silly Facebook.

    I hate O'Hare, btw. That airport is evil.

  3. The whole facebook unfriending has got to be one the weirdest things ever. I mean what is the point? I feel like it is just so deliberate and mean. On the plus least you got rid of him! Hopefully he finds a nice girl on okcupid!

  4. I just finished reading your blog. I would like to give you some feedback, and I want to preface it by saying I'm not trying to be an asshole. I'm really not. I'm just trying to give you an honest, unbiased view of what you wrote. You may not care for it, but the way I see it is if you're going to take to the internet to tell your story, you should probably be prepared to hear things that you may not really like.

    First of all, I am glad that you got back together, and I really hope it works out for you. But I have to admit, I found some big contradictions in your story. For example: Valentine's Day. In your post, you talk about how the two of you don't really agree with the whole Valentine's rituals that others do. You mention gifts. In fact, you mention the gift that he bought you, which was tickets to see Chelsea Lately. You say that you actually like that better than something else because it would give you time to be together doing something fun. After the breakup, though, you talk about the tickets, and you mention that it wasn't a very creative gift since you had been to see Kathy Griffin there before. You also said that it was probably more fun than you would have had with him. That's not exactly the picture you painted before. Another is the fact that before he broke up with you, you never really mention any problems with him. Not really. Yet, after he broke up with you, you talk about things you noticed, and even say that the relationship started to unravel months before. Considering that you had only been living together for a few months, and your blog starts out with your moving in together, it's a little confusing. If you were noticing problems, why did you not share them with your blog followers? For example, the reading of his journal in September. How come you never mentioned it here? If your blog is devoted to your relationship and all of the dynamics, it seems you would have mentioned it, and the fact that you didn't suggests that it's not a completely factual and comprehensive picture of your life with him. I mean, honestly, it was like "Oh, everything is just so great. We're a partnership. He's awesome" one minute, and the next, "I should have seen it. I noticed this and that.". Why didn't you mention noticing this and that if you were being honest?

    The other thing I wanted to bring up is the therapist. I'm not knocking therapy. It just seems like sometimes people use it as a band-aid. Heartbreak to therapist to make it all better. I don't know, I just don't really understand why you felt you needed therapy because your relationship ended. Maybe I have the wrong view of therapy. I guess I just view it as something one does when they are having serious problems. In other words, based on your previous posts, I guess I would have thought you would have a little more resiliency to have gotten through those few (yes, few) weeks without professional help. I just think some people use it as a crutch. Not saying this applies to you, because I dont' know. Just something to think about.

    Honestly, I do hope you work things out. But something tells me that you will be back in the spot of him ending things. He sounds like kind of a flake, to be frank. He moves in with you and four months later he wants out of the whole thing? Then a few weeks later, he, too, is going to see a therapist and all is now going to be well? I hope so. But I have my doubts. Be careful with your heart, and I would suggest NOT moving in with him again. I really think you'll be back at the same place if you do.

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  6. HAHA. Good Riddance weirdo!

    Get some rest lady!


    p.s. Dont ya just LOVE anonymous comments!?! Love makes us do silly things sometimes, no need to justify it to anyone (:

  7. Excuse me? Are you directing your comment at me? Really? So, let me get this straight. I read this ENTIRE blog, and I see some inconsistencies that don't make sense to me and question this, and you call me a weirdo? Really? Well, perhaps you can't see the confusing aspect of this, but that doesn't make it any less so. I am simply motivating this author to look at things from a different perspective...from someone who is not emotionally involved in the situation. Fact is, whether you either see it or acknowledge it, until the boyfriend dumped her, she was singing a completely different tune about how happy they were, etc. It wasn't until AFTER he dropped the bomb on her that she even mentions some of these things. Take Valentines Day, for example. She says..."SCL bought us tickets to see Chelsea Handler in March. This is my favorite kind of gift--time together doing something fun, something we wouldn't do as a regular date". But after the breakup, she says, "For Valentine's Day he had gotten us tickets to see Chelsea Handler, not exactly a creative gift as we'd just seen Kathy Griffin at the same venue a few weeks prior, but one I was excited about nonetheless. Perhaps I should have suspected something then--when his Valentine's Day card thanked me for being a "best friend." I remember being disappointed that it didn't say more, that it didn't talk about our love, our partnership". I'm sorry, but that is not exactly the same portrayal of Valentine's Day. And it is just an example.

    My whole point is that there are some discrepancies in the telling of the story of them. Just sayin'. Sorry if you don't like it. Maybe I struck a nerve.

  8. Dear annonymous,
    you have to understand that we follow blogs and have a type of friendship therefore get defense, when someone seems to attack blogfriens. When going through a break up sometimes you see things very differently than you would while in the relationship, sometimes you say things you dont really mean, sometimes you exaggerated etc. i think anyone that has ever gone through a real breakup can relate. So by you pointing out "inconsistencies" in her relationship...gets us a little defensive.

    On another note, I'm glad you guys are working things out! :)

  9. Anon, Nicole was responding to the ACTUAL post. The "Weirdo," I think, was the guy on okcupid. Quick to get defensive, huh?