Get Me Out of This Chocolate Cake Coma

Instead of getting me a gift for my birthday, SCL made me homemade chocolate cake from scratch with three scrumptious layers of nearly flourless dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. The thing has more than a pound of dark chocolate and I don't even want to know how much butter.

I have a confession: my relationship is making me fatter. Normally I hate talking about weight because I think we all obsess about it too much, but I can't overlook this sudden change in my own body. When SCL and I were broken up, I dropped about five pounds, probably because I was feeling down. But normally I'm an emotional eater, which leads me to think a break-up would actually cause me to eat more. When I decided to hop on a scale a few days ago, I was shocked to see I'd gained almost all of my break-up weight loss.

Some of this, I think, was due to that week on the road. But I can't overlook that SCL and I don't have good eating habits together. We eat a lot of homemade pizza, and we both have an affinity for chocolate. I think we do better apart, but together we're a diet disaster. Maybe it'll be better when we've totally separated our groceries. But we're such bad influences on each other when we eat a meal together.

Did you pack on the pounds when you started dating your significant other? Has anyone managed to get them off? And how do you change your habits together? I need some advice.


  1. Did I!?! Uhmm yes! and as you know I am STILL working on it! 3 years later lol That would be the only good thing about a break up! How about pita pizza!? and 150 calorie pack chocolate cakes!? =D

  2. I packed on A LOT of pounds when the hubby and I got together. Not so much at first but 8 months after we started dating we moved in together AND his cousin lived with us too. Me and 2 boys... that equals lots of pizza, McDonalds, etc. So bad.

  3. Omg I LOVE dark chocolate cake! When I was with my boyfriend we would pig out all the time haha. We both started to get worried about our weight, but I knew he didn't really like to talk about it. It ended up getting better when I suggested that we start going to the gym together. I added that it's not the I didn't like him at that weight it was just a way for us to multitask, be healthy, and enjoy each other's company. Also, I took over a lot of the cooking and started sneaking lowfat recipes into our usual takeout diet.


  4. Yes! I call it Love Pudge. The extra pounds you pack on when you fall in love. The fact is the men's bodies just work differently than women's. They don't put on weight as easily, or they hide it better, or they just don't care. My advice is to healthy-up the meals you don't eat together. If one of your favorite things to do as a couple is make pizza and eat chocolate, don't stop. But for breakfast and lunch make an extra effort to eat better. That way you can still enjoy your favorite couple activities and slim down.

  5. oh man that happens to me! now that we're in that comfortable "we love each other no matter what" stage we hopelessly encourage each other to make ourselves happy and eat that dessert.

    bad bad bad!

  6. I figured this was a sticky issue most of us face. I always feel like I can keep up with SCL food-wise. Even though I work out a lot (and he doesn't), I still don't have the metabolism he does. Le sigh. Oh well, I just put the rest of the chocolate cake in the freezer to be enjoyed at a later date.

  7. Yes! That's why I don't mind being single sometimes haha...Boys just can eat more and eat a lot heavier stuff without putting on the same amount of weight...ugh.

    I just try to do things in moderation and eat/pack healthy whenever I'm preparing things at home.

    Happy wknd!

  8. When the husband and I broke up when we were in college (he was moving 2000 miles away, and didn't want to do long distance), I dropped 30 lbs, which stayed off for the couple of years before we started dating again. I went from 125 to 95 lbs., so the fact that I've gained back 20 of those lbs. in the past few years that we've been back together really doesn't bother me that much.

    I *do* think though that my eating habits are much worse with him around. He eats all of two vegetables (maybe three, if you cook them) and the only foods I can get him to eat are meat, potatoes and bread. Not exactly healthy. I wish sometimes I could just make my own food and let him fend for myself. It's not even so much the weight as it is that I hate how I feel when I go five days straight on a strict meat-and-carbs diet. Yuck.

  9. Five pounds is nothing! Some of it could even be water weight. I wouldn't stress, but if it bothers you, it would be very easy to lose. Just eat healthier and exercise more. You'll lose it in no time.