Meet Comment Bouncer

It has come to my attention that anonymous commenters are, in general, total assholes. Seriously, some of you make going through this breakup seem like a fucking cakewalk in comparison to wading through some of the nasty shit you say to me on here. And, it was getting to me. I'd had enough. I wanted to reach through my computer screen and punch some of you in the face, but seeing as that was impossible and would probably really hurt my hand, I decided to go a different route.

Let me welcome you to fellow blog admin Comment Bouncer. She is one of my best friends, but she will be your worst enemy, nasty commenter. As she said to me earlier today, even well-meaning commenters who say stupid, stupid things will be kicked to the curb. She will outwit you, she will out-sarcasm you, she will deliver a serious verbal ass-kicking when necessary. Thank you, Comment Bouncer. You are very, very welcome here.

So, all of you who have something mean to say, go ahead. I dare you. Just know that I won't ever read a nasty comment again!

TNS's Note: Most of you are lovely and helpful, and I could just eat you up with a spoon. So don't worry. Your comments will be displayed with all of the love and affection Comment Bouncer and I have for you. 


  1. AWESOME! I think everyone needs a comment bouncer for sure!

    Oh and believe me, if I could teleport to DC we would have such fun. And maybe we could find Obama. Because I'll bet he's very charming. And if we could steal his wife's clothes even better.

    I really hope the FBI isn't reading this and deciding that I'm a national security threat. That'd be unfortunate.

  2. Glad to be on board! (makes scary menacing face).

    Welcome lovely comments! And for all else, just think what you'd allow someone to say to your good friend. And say that.

  3. YEAH!!! Having a moderator is the shit! I <3 my moderator!!!

    Just for purposes record -- my mod lets anything through where people sign their names. If you're going to say something shitty, you should not be allowed to be a coward and hide behind anonymity, you know?

  4. Good for you :)

    It still amazes me what people can bring themselves to say or write when hiding behind their PC. I'd bet anything none of them would be brave or rude enough to say the same to someones face...

  5. Good for you and your moderator!

    I subscribe to John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory (as seen here: Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Fuckwad.

    I'm lucky enough that no total fuckwads have shown up at my blog yet. Fingers crossed, and good luck to you and your new mod.

  6. LOL!! I love it!! Screw the haters! ;)

  7. wow...I can't believe people would write such mean things to you (well I can, now). Welcome, Comment Bouncer! And nongradstudent, I hope your life becomes infinitely more happy and sane not having to deal with all the haters.

  8. Hey, did I miss something here? I know there is controversy, and comments that don't agree, but can I ask WHO the nasty poster is/was/were?
    did I offend you at all, because if so, I am very sorry, and I thought this blog was for differing opinions.
    I really enjoy reading your blog, journeying thru your relationship with SCL and how you analyse and process, so I hope you won't stop doing that. but can I ask to be directed to the offensive posts, because I honestly didn't think there were any such terrible posts, but maybe I missed them. I am sure I haven't read everything, so can you enlighten me?

    thanks, and I hope you don't have to deal with hate, because that is something that should NEVER be tolerated. I just didn't see any real haters on this blog.


  9. Hey Felisha, I'm not talking about you. The people I'm talking about wrote nasty comments anonymously and I never published them for the most part. Just had to suffer through reading them myself before hitting "reject". Don't worry--I appreciate your tough love and your perspective. I am all about differing opinions as long as they are respectful. Some people like to be mean just to be mean. I don't know why.

  10. ok, now I understand! So you don't post the nasty comments. But reading them is no picnic; I understand that too.

    Glad I haven't offended you. I am looking forward to hearing how you come thru this b/u with SCL. I know you will rise above all this sadness, and messy time, because already I sense a change in your emotion, and a looking forward to what lies ahead. It is a difficult process, but one that is nice to share with others going thru a similiar situation. You have helped me to come thru my own b/u with insight and clarity. Keep posting!