On the Hunt for a New Apartment

Being the control freak that I am, the fact that I still have two months on my current lease is of no comfort to me when I have yet to find the perfect situation in the first 48 hours of my searching. As I write this, I realize how truly ridiculous it is. But SCL started looking yesterday, so damn it, I did, too. Can't let him beat me to it!

Just as there is no perfect man, there is no such thing as a perfect apartment. Well, there probably is but not at the price I'd like to pay, thereby making it imperfect. I've thought about all kinds of possibilities.
A. Finding a studio in the area I'm currently in, which I love because it's convenient.
B. Finding a one-bedroom slightly farther out but still pretty convenient.
C. Finding a 2BR/2BA in a high rise or a townhouse in
D. Leaving DC altogether because the rent here is fucking ridiculous.

Ok, so D isn't really an option. At least not for now.

Yesterday I went on my first search for a new place. Answered a listing on craigslist for a C-type apartment. The woman living there seemed normal (not exactly easy to find in craigslist) and the place was practically across the street from where I live now. I had somewhat high hopes for the place, but as soon as I got there, I knew it wouldn't work.

The problem is that I work from home and I need some SPACE. I'm not comfortable spending a lot of time in an apartment with a person I don't even know. She was nice enough, but the place was really messy and I just didn't get the best vibe. I could see it being at least a semi-awkward situation, and I really want to avoid that.

Granted it was just one visit, but I'm kind of thinking that sharing an apartment in a high rise with someone I don't know just ain't gonna work. It's too small of a space to live with a practical stranger. I'm ready to have a bit more grown-up of a life, so I guess I'll have to suck it up and pay more for that. Also have a friend who is looking for a fourth roommate, and she's pretty fantastic. I think they're in a house or a townhouse, so at least there'd be more space.

I'm still kinda pissed I have to do this when work is busy as hell (I'm writing from the airport AGAIN!!!!) and I really like my current apartment. And I'm kind of disappointed by the potential of not being very close to SCL, though hopefully we can find places somewhat convenient to the Metro. I guess considering him in the situation shouldn't be priority one, but it's been my default way of looking at things for so long that it's hard to resist that initial gut instinct to think how my decision will affect him and us. If there even is an "us" anymore.


  1. Ugh. Apartment hunting. Hate it with a passion.

    I wouldn't want to live with a stranger. I've done that and it's never worked out well for me. At the same time, be careful if you move in with a friend. I've had that backfire too.

  2. You're right-rent is soooo crazy in DC! I'm a control freak sometimes too, and know how hard it can be to find the *perfect* place. Best of luck!


  3. K, the stranger thing is totally freaking me out! I do have a new friend who is looking for a fourth house mate, and I think I'd get along well with her.

    Dating diva, thanks for saying hi! Really loving your blog. Hope you know Date Me, DC! as well. I'm sure you do. :-)

  4. I don't think I could live with a stranger would just be weird.

  5. oh man, we are moving as well and apartment hunting with it's location and price and amenities and space and closet size (very important) is so absolutely frustrating and a tedious adult chore.

    totally feel you and the overabundance of decisions.

  6. Thanks, LW. I'm hoping these two places I'm going to look at tonight will work out. I'll keep everyone posted!