From the Beach

Hope you all are having a marvelous Labor Day weekend! Once I survived the crazy drive to the beach (much of it the very same route SCL and I took to get to his parents' house in the middle of nowhere), I've been having a blast with my new friends. So far it's been a lot of drinkin', dancin', kissin' a really cute boy (whom I shall call Mr. Navy), and gettin' my ass kicked by the monstrous waves that are the only remnants of the "hurricane" that passed by yesterday.

I have to get back to the bar, but enjoy my guest post over at After I Do. Many thanks to Krysten for inviting me and let's all wish her luck as she moves into her new house!


  1. Greetings and Salutations, from a fellow DC blogger. I found you over at Krysten's place. Enjoy your time...hope Earl didn't put too much of a crimp in your plans, and be safe on that long drive home on Monday!

  2. Glad to hear that you're having a great weekend. Be safe coming home tomorrow.

  3. Oooo have fun with Mr. Navy! I just love living vicariously through you.

  4. wow, that was some weekend!! :)

    i had a pretty swell labor day weekend as well, camping... i went to the beach to... lol

    but i did not really enjoy swimming in it.

  5. so glad you're having so much fun in life and i wanna hear more about this kiss!