Double Crush=Double Fun+Double Trouble

If you saw the second update on yesterday's post, my texting Mr. Navy ended up working quite nicely, even if I attributed it to momentary insanity. About two hours after I sent my last text (in which I not-so-subtly said it'd be fun to see each other again...and then immediately wished I hadn't sent it),  he texted back, "Let's shoot for next week. How's Thursday?" *happy dance*

Just as soon as I'd begun celebrating my flirting victory, I realized that I had to get showered and ready for my third date with Dr. Nutrition. We had plans to have dinner at 6 in Foggy Bottom, giving us plenty of time to get over to the Kennedy Center to pick up our free tickets. Or so I thought. At about 5:45 I got a text from Dr. Nutrition that once again he's running late, but he promises to be there by 6:10. Knowing that he lives way out in Bethesda aka "Canada," I knew he was bullshitting me.

As per usual, I arrived exactly on time and began tweeting furiously about how he was late for the third time in a row. The combination of annoyance and wishing I'd rather be with Mr. Navy put me in a slight funk until 6:20 when Dr. Nutrition showed up looking gorgeous and absolutely apologetic. As it turns out, he'd gotten some bad news at work and needed some time to process it before heading out to our date. I totally can understand that--and honestly had it been me, I would have considered cancelling. Or been in a funk the whole time. He was neither. Props to him.

Because we were late to sit down and we have a habit of talking rather than perusing the menu, we ended up not getting our check until close to 7:45. Shit, we were going to be late to the Kennedy Center! Now, had we been smart, we would've jumped in a cab, but we figured it wasn't that far and we could book it. Such a bad idea. I got distracted in his story-telling about a friend of a friend who had been at Dewey and got arrested for breaking and entering someone's house--and having sex on their couch! Dr. Nutrition said, "She's not just a burglar. She's a fuckburglar!" Hilarious.

It was around that time that we realized we were walking down the wrong fucking street. By the time we backtracked, found the Kennedy Center, found the super secret place where our free tickets were, and made our way to the theater, it was 8:30. In the elevator up to the terrace level, he looked so sad and apologetic that I decided to make the move this time and gave him a kiss. (The kissing this time around was much better than last time.) I said, "No worries, everything is fine." He was a lot more relaxed after that.

As it turned out, we hadn't missed too much, and it ended up being a fun night despite the two rounds of tardiness. And, we are beginning to get more comfortable with each other. Despite my thinking I'm totally infatuated with Mr. Navy (which I am at least to a point), the truth is that I am really feeling Dr. Nutrition, too. I've never been in this position of liking two guys at the same time, and I'm wondering how long it can last. But, seeing as how it's not a problem right now, I won't think about it too much.

We have our fourth date planned for Tuesday. This time I'm heading to "Canada." Wish me luck.


  1. Two gorgeous men to choose from...such a problem. =) Have a great weekend!

  2. I like Dr. Nutrition. This is probably because I envision him looking something like this, though: Going forward, I think you should tell him that whatever time he WANTS to go on the date, he should ASK you to meet a half-hour to hour later, so that way tardiness is no longer an issue. ;)

  3. Your story is so great and inspiring! Who would have ever thought that just one short month ago you would be in the midst of dating 2 great guys that you are smitten with! Even if this does not go for the long haul, isn't it great to feel those butterflies and excitement of someone new in your life?
    I have to ask....and I hope this doesn't bother you, but do you even think of SCL anymore? It is amazing to me that you are able to move along fairly quickly, and that you seem so happy! Do not take this for granted! It is wonderful to feel that excited about someone, and you must enjoy every minute of it, and bask in the good feeling! I hope it continues for a long time, and who knows.......maybe this will be something, as everyone told you.....better than what you had in the past, and better for you! Go girl!

  4. Good luck in "Canada"! I've never had a double crush, but it does sound a bit complicated. Can't wait to read your next post!


  5. Very interesting situation, here. Maybe send one of them my way? Whichever one you like the least? Hehehe. ;)

  6. @Aubrey, I know, right?!

    @Katie, that's not too far off actually. Since I'm headed up to his territory next, he had best be on time!

    @felisha, I totally agree with you. Just feeling something for someone else has proven to be very healing. A few weeks ago I didn't think I could. As for SCL, I think that might be today's blog post!

    @dating diva, complicated but fun for sure!

    @Stephany, make a trip up here and I'll introduce you! ;-)

  7. Oh man, you are in quite the position! They both sound kind of awesome although the tardiness would grate on me. I have an ex who was ALWAYS late and I am someone who is always about 10 minutes early so... it lead to me being pretty annoyed most of the time.

  8. I'm running into a similar dilemma here on Guam. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing but I've never been in this situation either. For now I'm having a pretty good time. Still kinda afraid of becoming serious though....PTSD sort of? Maybe PDSD rather.

  9. Liking 2 men at the same time?? You go girl!! Usually I can't even find 1 man to like ;-) But is there one that you're leaning more towards? Usually by that 3rd or even 4th date you know if this is a guy that you want to spend time with. Tell us, Tell us, Guy number 1 or Guy number 2?? ;-)

  10. Oh, and like Stephany, you can always send the one you like least my way!! :-)

  11. I always get double crushes! And, then I always end up going with the wrong guy haha

  12. @Krysten--yeah, we'll see if he manages to be on time to our next time, which is in his neck of the woods. He's traveled a lot farther for the dates than I have thus far, and sometimes the Metro can be tricky. (Look at me making excuses--must like him!)

    @Bry-Guy--I need an update on this pronto!

    @Jen--the chemistry with Mr. Navy is greater, but I think that's because we had a whole weekend to get to know each other. I have to give Dr. Nutrition the chance to catch up!

    @Jammer--I hope I don't do the same, though I can't see either being the wrong guy at this point.

  13. FYI there are lots of Mr. and Ms. Navies an Air Forces in my neck of the woods.....

  14. @Bry-Guy, Mr. Navy no longer serves, but it's still his most defining characteristic (and sounds a lot better than Mr. Consultant.)