You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.

Dudes, this dating stuff is tiring. I realize how ridiculous it is when I'm talking to my friends and they can never keep any of the guys' names straight. In fact, I may resort to using their blog nicknames in real life as well. It's much easier, especially since some of their names sound similar. Or at least they aren't distinct enough to stick in anyone else's brain (including mine.)

Dating is a steep learning curve. It only took a few first dates to get the hang of it, and now I feel like I've got it down. I'm a little too overly-confident before some of my dates, and at the last second I have to quickly scan the emails/online dating profiles we've exchanged so I can A) remember their first name B) get their cell numbers C) have something to talk about when we get there.

Mr. Religion Teacher and I had been talking for a few weeks, and we finally met up yesterday--at a MeetUp no less. We had a drink together beforehand, but I ended up being really thankful for the group setting of the MeetUp. First, let me say that Mr. Religion Teacher was HOT. Buff, beautiful face...except he NEVER smiled. NOT ONCE! Forget about laughing, he never cracked even a slight smile the entire time. I tried to keep it light-hearted, and he wasn't taking the bait.

Boo. Why are people so serious? It was really bad when we were walking back to the Metro and he commented on how the facilitator of the MeetUp group should have implemented a "quiet sign" to get the groups to shut up. Like, remember in Girl Scouts or first grade or something when the teacher would put up his/her hand and all of the students followed? Yes, Mr. Religion Teacher was suggesting this for grown-ups. What. A. Killjoy.

Needless to say, I was thankful my wait for the Yellow line was only two minutes. I was ready to high tail it out of there. He, however, seemed to think the date had gone well. So, who knows...maybe he'd lighten up on a second date? If he calls, I might go out with him again.

Update on Mr. Navy: I broke down and texted him this afternoon. In Italian. And we are currently flirting via text. All I want to say is, "ASK ME OUT ALREADY!" Too strong?

Second Update on Mr. Navy: He just asked me out, and I am doing the happy dance!


  1. Bleh. How do you not smile? What a weirdo!

    Maaaaybe you should ask Mr. Navy out? Too forward? Lol, I'm not above being forward.

  2. Oh I hate when you try to joke and they don't react well. Grr.
    And I totally know what you mean by having to scan profiles/emails right before! I've been guilty of that. When I was dating I liked to have at least 2-3 guys at any one time, just so I didn't put too much energy into one. Whenever I focused too much on a guy, it usually didn't work out.

  3. Sucks about Mr. Religion Teacher. I cannot be with a guy who doesn't make me laugh, laugh, or have a good sense of humor. Seriously, 95% of my life is just me being silly/sarcastic. I need my man to be the same.

    But YAY about Mr. Navy. I'm liking this guy more & more.

  4. ooo Mr. Navy...please update after the second date.

    And who doesn't smile of a first date? Isn't that one of things you are supposed to make a point of doing? I'm kind of out of the dating loop, so maybe I'm off here, but it seems like a smile shows friendliness and like you're actually enjoying yourself.

    *WHEE* Date with Mr. Navy....

  5. I need to read back and figure out how you are meeting all of these boys! I'm in such a dating rut right now haha

  6. See, men, you should SMILE! All the ladies agree!

    @Meredith, oh, you will SO be getting an update on Mr. Navy. I can hardly wait.

  7. Hello,

    This is going to sound like such a dumb question...but how do I become an official follower? I have been reading your blog since February but I dunno how to become an official follower? Sorry LOL I am so inexperienced in this since yours is the only blog that I do read...I followed you from Ivillage :)

  8. Hi Anon, do you have a google account? If you have a google account, you can click "follow" at the top left where you see the thumbnails. Glad you're following!