Missed Connections

No, I'm not talking about the creepy Craiglist kind. I'm talking about those of you who read the blog, comment, and then I forget to follow your blog (if you have one). If I haven't commented on your blog yet, can you comment on this post and put in a link? I'd love to read what you're doing. For serious.

And, I'm also on Twitter and trying to get more followers (and more awesome people to follow.) So, if you tweet, please follow me at and I promise to follow you back and attempt to be witty in 140-characters.

Preparing for a weekend at the beach, despite the hurricane heading this way. Hell, I grew up on a damn island, so I know all about this hurricane shit. BRING IT ON, YOU BASTARD! It will not interfere with my eating, drinking, and other merriment.


  1. Not all missed connections are creepy ;) You should look at some of the "missed connections" illustrations by Sophie Blackall. There's a select few on Modish.

  2. Have fun hanging with the hurricane ;-) If you need a break you could always fly to WI and help me move!

  3. Ill be down the beach this weekend and am seriously hoping for some decent weather. Although I would be just as happy to sit on the balcony with a drink in hand and watch all the mayhem happen.

  4. I live in south Florida, and we have that saaame exact attitude toward hurricanes. I've seen my share of damage, but after a couple or a thousand of those suckers over a lifetime, you just really sort of have nothing left to do but flick it off and enjoy the beach. ;)