You all were right. I'll admit it. I let the crazy girl get to me and hit send.

Only minutes later, while on the phone with Comment Bouncer nonetheless, Dr. Nutrition beeps in. I'm expecting he's going to tell me that he's sorry, that he feels bad.

Oh no. He didn't even get the email. He had been away at his parents and his phone had died. He was calling me from the road on his way home.


But, the good news is he's like, "Don't even worry about it. I understand why you felt that way. I'm sure you were wondering why I hadn't called" And he promised to delete my psycho-ish email before reading it. His only request? That I not mention the whole thing ever again.

Self-sabatoge--you almost won! And dearest readers, you all were right.


  1. I'm so glad everything turned out okay!

    Maybe it's because I've never "dated" anyone, but I still feel like it was pretty shitty of him not to call for an entire WEEK. I know he said not to bring it up again, but maybe in a couple days once everything settles down I'd let him know that it's not cool to leave you hanging on like that. A phone call, an email, SOMETHING.

    I do NOT think you're a psycho or that you overreacted. I would have been pretty pissed, too. When you like someone in the beginning, it's not cool to go a week without at least touching base and saying, "I'm out of town, but I'll give you a call when I get back and maybe we can get together again."

    But then again, it might just be because I've only ever been in RELATIONSHIPS, not casual dating type things.

  2. I'm happy to hear things are back on track...I know what a huge relief that is. In situations like this its near impossible to keep the crazies from getting to you. I have sent txts and made phone calls that I regretted so much in the long run so these days this is what I do instead...

    I write whatever txt it is I wanted to send and save it. Then I let as much time as possible pass before I ever hit send. I probably go back and read what I wrote about 100 times and to be the long run the crazies usually wear off faster then my need to send it and 100% of the time I end up saying "wtf was I thinking trying to send that...I'll sound like such an idiot!!"

    In short, just give yourself a little bit of time to regroup before jumping the gun. I'd say it seems like he knows he totally messed up so I would just cut him some slack, tell him to make you dinner to make up for it and just move on from this. If he does it again...well then we get to kick his ass ;-)

  3. Wait, how did he call from the road on the way home if his phone had died? I'm assuming that means car charger, in which case (if it were me), phone dying is not a great excuse ... couldn't he just go to the car, charge the phone and at least send a text?

  4. Call him out! Guy is clearly lying!! Phone dying for over 5 days?!?! Then, magically, he gets it working in his car? Keep dating, girl.

  5. Sassy Marmalade brings up a good point...

    Then again, I am the queen of second guessing EVERYTHING. Its gotten me into multiple fights with the hubby and it's just not good for the soul. Sometimes I feel we women tend to analyze EVERY.SINGLE.THING and that just leads to us going crazy.

    In either case, I'm glad things are okay and he understood how you were feeling. Hopefully this will teach him to bring his phone charger with him or at least send an email!

  6. I am glad to find out that he wasn't a being a jerk. We all make mistakes, especially when we've been burned before. Enjoy your trip.

  7. You never know! Well, at least he got in touch with you? :) I wouldn't go so far as to put all the scenarios as to why he didn't just charge his phone.

  8. You might be kicking yourself, but this is definitely the better ending to the story.

    I'm glad he didn't flip-flop and I'm glad things seem to be back on track. This one really had me at the dancing lessons. ;)


  9. I am so glad it all worked out, but I just reread your previous post and I would have been feeling the same way too!